Almost all small businesses are setup with a vision. It may not be a formally carved one, but it does exist in some shape or form. Yet when asked about it a year or two later, that's if the business does survive that long, many business owners seem oblivious as to where it got lost in that relatively short period of time.

The fact is, owners of SMEs often get so overwhelmed by the struggle to create a space for them in a fiercely competitive market, that the strategic direction is superseded by the "do what's needed" approach in order to secure a foothold in the industry.

What's needed then, is a constant reminder of their initial vision to follow a carefully thought out strategic plan, clearly highlighting goals and objectives, together with the flexibility to change. As academic as it might appear, it is the marriage of this academic approach with the practical aspects of the business that has seen many a businesses flourish from the outset.

With our vast experience of helping SMEs achieve their true potential, we offer expert advice and practical assistance to businesses struggling to create an impactful presence. Some of the areas we assisted our clients include:

  • Strategy and vision
  • Optimising performance and growth
  • Productivity and Profit
  • Change management
  • Staff effectiveness and development
  • Diversification and investment strategies
  • Exit planning